About Nanobot SIG
Welcome to the official website of The

Nanobot SIG

, an open consortium integrating enterprises that share a common interest in therapeutic nanobots virus trap.

The main mission of the

Nanobot Special Interest Group

is a research and development of potentially effective therapeutically active nanobots and to increase the flow of such early stage drug candidates into Nanobot SIG member's drug development pipeline in. Through the Nanobot SIG and the interactions among Nanobot SIG's participants, the Nanobot SIG drug discovery and development pipeline can be enabled from target identification through proof-of-concept (POC) to overall clinical trials. Because membership in the Nanobot SIG is fully open, to each the SIG's member is allowed to use all benefits of the SIG consortium agreement, at the most in intellectual property rights and in an access into confidential SIG's documents, methodics, technologies, strategic plans. In practical this means sharing of the technological know-how and intellectual property among all in-Nanobot-SIG interested parties, but only to the extent that corresponds to the input of each party to the consortium. It is at the discretion of each Nanobot SIG's member, how will share any intellectual property acquired during membership. In this respect, the consortium offers unprecedented Freedom-to-Operate.

What are the conditions of membership in the consortium? Membership is free, but the founding members of the Consortium Board reserve the right to assess the significance of the applicant for membership and if they find that the applicant does not meet the basic criteria, the applicant of the membership is rejected. The main condition, which membership is assessed through the prism of is an attractivity from the perspective of new approaches, new technologies that an applicant for membership is presented to the Nanobot SIG Consortium Board. For additional rules and internal decision-making mechanisms, a consortium agreement and other documentation, please contact the Consortium Board.

We are looking forward to contact with you.
Chairman of the Consortium Board.
Nanobot SIG News
Negotiations with Heyling Xiang Nanobot Alix Biopharmacy NanomedicineBiotechnology and Synroksergy BioPharmaceuticals.
Koho Koishu Biotechnology, Nogurevaxoxo Biopharmaceuticals and Dhamosurapra Biotechnology Company Intl. full Membership. 2nd phase of negotiations with new applicants is started.
The Nanobot SIG is officially formed. The Consortium Board is voted, agreed presented official logo, the membership agreement and certificate, objectives and the medium-term program.
EAP si member of Nanobot Research Group (NRG).
Nanobot Research Group (NRG) is formed by signing the Nanobot Research Group Consortium Participants Agreement in Vienna. The Consortium Board and Senior Management Committee are voted. The main supporter of the technologies is Azacycles.

Consortium Board: consboard@gmail.cominfo@nanobot-sig.com
General requests: management@gmail.cominfo@nanobot-sig.com
Another documentation: available at restricted area here